Leisure Transport Solutions provide a variety of electric and diesel road train transportation, that can be themed and configured to your needs. Suitable for theme parks, zoos and attractions across the globe.


Leisure Transport Solutions (LTS) has a core team with over three decades of experience in the design and supply of leisure transport systems to the amusement industry around the world.

Much of that experience comes from a heritage of transport & ride engineering making us well placed to understand both the regulatory requirements and operational needs to introduce a new and successful transport system to your park or attraction.


Care of environment is important to all of us, and LTS have taken that step towards a completely sustainable low impact range of products, using the cleanest sources of power available for the Leisure Industry. Each Road train product sold pays for a new tree to be planted at sites around the globe. Small steps we hope that will lead to a healthier planet for all.

The range of road-based vehicles can be customised to your own individual style using vinyl wraps and themed features. We also offer a wire guidance system and levels of Autonomy dependent on the location and route.


Your people mover system will generally be the backbone of any attraction and it is important to ensure that the system you choose will meet all your requirements, both now and in the future.

If not properly planned you may find it becomes an expensive thing to put right, better to take the time from the outset and get it right. The LTS team has 30 years of experience behind them and worked on projects of all sizes, in fact learning some great tricks of the trade from the biggest operators in our industry.