The T line tram has been designed to be more than just a car park people mover system. The onboard infotainment system, passenger comfort and easy access make the T Liner the perfect way in which to introduce your guests to any location that it operates in. Its body design lends itself to theming in several ways, the vinyl wrapping being the most impactful an easy to apply.


The T Liner is a high-capacity tram that due to its four-wheel steering on the carriages an its tight turning circle will operate in the in relatively confined spaces. The innovate design incorporates a structurally strong foam filled sandwich that does away with the traditional aluminum or steel framework. The spacious well light interior allows up to 112 passengers to sit in comfort while enjoying the quality infotainment system in a heated or air-conditioned environment.

The T Liner is all about sustainability and care of our environment, with power train options ranging from LPG engine, Hybrid and full electric. Automatic doors allow easy access for all and wheelchair access is of course part of the design.


  • Elegant and innovative design
  • Large passenger capacity (112 adults)
  • Automatic locking access doors on both sides
  • Fast charging to allow 24/7 operation with full electric model
  • Option of guided steering
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • CCTV Security recording system


Chassis: Galvanised steel with paint finish
Body: Structural foam filled GRP
Flooring: Decorative PSV quality anti slip
Doors: Driver operated automatic doors, with emergency release. Plug door access each side of carriage
Lighting: Exterior lighting to road use regulations, Interior lighting low voltage LED
Infotainment: High quality 12 volt monitor screens each end of carriage with matching speaker
Security: CCTV security system and backup
HVAC: Heating/Air Conditioning throughout
Turning Circle: 15 Metres
Maximum gradient: 15%