Driverless wire Guided PRT. Suitable for short haul last mile shuttle services, or transporting passengers between car parks, stations, visitor attractions and other transport modes.


The Cube takes its origins from the Autonomous TDI Vectus system but has been developed to operate at ground level on tyres, accommodating up to 10 people each. The obvious benefits in doing this are reduced capital costs and the flexibility of changing routes with minimal fuss. All Cubes are identical, interchangeable, and self-powered from a lithium-ion power pack located beneath the pod floor.

Electronic four-wheel steering ensures precise manoeuvring and docking in both directions without the need for turning circles at each end of the route, which makes the whole system extremely space efficient. The system is designed to eventually be fully autonomous, however until the safety of this is proven and set up costs reduced the Cube currently operates on a wire guidance system that has a proven track record.


  • Stylish Composite bodyshell, automated doors
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Modular vehicle assembly design
  • Individual cars can be platooned to create virtual train.
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Individually driven wheels
  • Fast charging system to maximise duty cycle
  • Wire in ground guidance system
  • Intelligent destination mapping
  • Future proofed for a fully autonomous operation
  • Passenger messaging system linked with command centre
  • Audio/visual advertising system
  • GPS audio tour system
  • Audio/visual entertainment system


Power: Lithium Ion Battery
Width: 2100mm
length: 2475mm
Height: 2300mm
Seating Capacity: 10 Adults
Turning Circle: 5 Metres
Access: Low floor access & Wheelchair accessible
Vehicle Status: Vehicle status live link to control centre