Vectus makes the perfect viewing platform operating above park attractions and resorts, transporting visitors in air conditioned comfort.


In partnership Vectus Ltd, we have been dedicated to the development of world leading PRT technology. The first fully commissioned project of forty production vehicles entered service in 2013 in Suncheon Bay, South Korea. Vectus links local amusement facilities with a beautiful wildlife marsh in the centre of the city. Vectus is in effect an intelligent, automated people mover (APM) which meets all the safety and operational standards required of a traditional rail-based transit system.

The intelligent drive system and bogie means the Vectus does not require a switch or points set to change tracks, passengers can choose which destination they want by presenting their ticket to the automated system either at the station or in the Vectus pod. Seating up to 8 adults the pods are perfect for family parties.


Automated people mover (APM) meets all safety & operational standards. We also have a CCTV security system reporting back live detail to the control room, helping to keep passengers safe and well behaved.

Intelligent bogie and wheel system that does away with expensive automated track switches

Lightweight vehicles require reduced power consumption

Self-powered vehicles with energy recovery and storage systems as standard

Move up to 10,000 passenger per hour


Propulsion: Linear induction and/or rotary motors
Power Transfer: Continuous current collection
Guidance: Steel track with switch wheels
Capacity per vehicle: 6-8 Seated and 6 Standing
Laden Weight: 2500kg
Height: 2500mm
Width: 2100mm
Length: 3740mm